Horologiii Inc. is the modern-day fusion of the science of measuring, and the art of making, planning, developing, and designing that deliver on premium service. Like the ancient masters of time, and the makers of fine, precise time pieces, we insure precision and exacting results, that are matched with passion and commitment, to form a positive customer experience of the highest quality, through delivering on service commitments.  Horologiii Inc. is focused on exceeding expectations within our Core Competencies. Horologiii is defined as the practice of the Art and Science of Service.Competencies are linked below.

We provide professional services with personal attention, guaranteed delivery, and exceptional quality. Our Key Team Leaders in each Service Division have provided years of professional services for several leading companies across a variety of market segments, including Information Technology, Energy & Power Utilities, Military, Construction, Commercial & Government Sectors. Our unparalleled service and value are what we are building our name on. We look forward to serving you as well!  Horologiii Inc. is prepared to help you increase energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, reduce water consumption, and reduce your overall cost of operations. By reducing your overall utility expenses, we can empower you and your organization to operate in a manner that promotes increased environmental sustainability both locally and globally.  We are a full-service energy manager.